Welcome to the Ryan Fowler's Guitar Experience Custom Shop! We are here to take care of all of your instrument repair needs. From major overhauls and restorations to basic supertunes and electronic repair, Luthier Steve Blake will make your instrument perform at its absolute best. Call us today at 410-878-7084.


The shop covers basic set-ups to major overhauls and restorations.  See below for some of the services offered and check out the Repair Journal for some in-action shots:

Standard Set-up
Specialty Set-up
Fret Dress (Level, Crown and Polish)
Fretting and Re-Fretting
Hardware Installation and Upgrades
Custom Nut and Saddle Fabrication
Rewire and Wiring Harness
Pickup Install
Acoustic Pickup Install
Electronic Component Replacements and Upgrades
Structural Repair including Cracks and Headstock Breaks
Bridge Reset
Pedalboard Set-up
and more....

Our shop labor rate is $75/hr. Estimates are FREE and most can be done over the phone so call us today at 410-878-7084.
We are an official AllParts Dealer at the shop and carry on hand a lot of misc. parts.  We also have some great relationships with local, national and international dealers and manufacturers.   


If you have any questions regarding services offered or you have a service request that you do not see listed above, please feel free to contact us by phone at410-878-7084 or by email at  



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