Warwick German Pro Series Corvette 5 String w/ HSC

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Warwick German Pro Series Corvette 5 String w/ HSC

Each Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series instrument is crafted in the same factory by the company's highly qualified staff under the direct supervision of Warwick's top master-builders. The company now offers a German Warwick bass at an affordable price. Each instrument is made with the combined love and experience of our team of qualified luthiers and accomplished master-builders. Available with standard selections of finishes, color choices and hardware color options, the Teambuilt Pro Series pricing is made comfortable, while still delivering German-built quality. 

The Corvette Bubinga is one of Warwick's most popular unique designs and one of the most desirable electric basses in the world. Its fluid, languid lines, its impeccable wood selection and its stunning finish make this an instrument that will instill a pride of ownership you've never experienced.

This pre-owned bass is in excellent condition. It sounds huge with a big bottom end and great action and it includes a hardshell case. 

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